31st Dec 2019

Semmes Law Firm - Attorney in Fairhope and Foley Alabama

The median age of marriage for men and women has gone up rapidly since the 1970s. In 1970, the median age for men was 23 and for women it was 21; by 2017, it had jumped to 29.5 and 27.4, … more

24th Dec 2019

Semmes Law Firm - Divorce and Child Custody Attorney in Fairhope and Foley Alabama

You got married, took the biggest leap of faith of your life, and did it without some ugly fight about a prenup. But, then again, maybe you thought about a prenup . . .and maybe it wouldn’t be a fight … more

16th Dec 2019

Your first holiday season post-marriage is both a challenge and an opportunity. While no doubt one of the most difficult and conflicted times of your life, this is your year to reconnect with the best parts of the season and … more

17th Sep 2019

Divorce is usually the result of a long journey through difficult times—more of a prolonged drought than a flash flood. Clients who come to us may be angry, but they are almost always exhausted with fundamentally unhealthy relationships. The decision … more