10th Sep 2019

Semmes Law Firm - Divorce and Child Custody Attorney in Fairhope and Foley Alabama

During a divorce, the motive to ensure the future well being of those you love can commingle with the motive to deprive your spouse of undue rewards. There are no last-ditch ways to secretly take assets off of the negotiating … more

3rd Sep 2019

The less amicably your divorce is likely to proceed, the more important a trusting and accountable relationship with your attorney becomes. If you and your attorney are on the same page about priorities, strategies, and appropriate behavior—and you stick to … more

26th Aug 2019

Child Custo

Divorces are incredibly challenging in and of themselves. There’s the fear of the unknown, the difficulty of forging a new routine without your spouse, the financial burden of going from a two-income household to that of a single-earner. Multiply all … more

10th Jun 2019

The way you behave now, at your most hurt and angry, unfortunately, may determine how things shake out during your divorce. Just assume that the settlement negotiated (or the court ruling) will be tailored to this person you are now … more