17th Sep 2019

Divorce is usually the result of a long journey through difficult times—more of a prolonged drought than a flash flood. Clients who come to us may be angry, but they are almost always exhausted with fundamentally unhealthy relationships. The decision … more

10th Sep 2019

Semmes Law Firm - Divorce and Child Custody Attorney in Fairhope and Foley Alabama

During a divorce, the motive to ensure the future well being of those you love can commingle with the motive to deprive your spouse of undue rewards. There are no last-ditch ways to secretly take assets off of the negotiating … more

3rd Sep 2019

The less amicably your divorce is likely to proceed, the more important a trusting and accountable relationship with your attorney becomes. If you and your attorney are on the same page about priorities, strategies, and appropriate behavior—and you stick to … more

26th Aug 2019

Child Custo

Divorces are incredibly challenging in and of themselves. There’s the fear of the unknown, the difficulty of forging a new routine without your spouse, the financial burden of going from a two-income household to that of a single-earner. Multiply all … more