17th Sep 2019

Divorce is usually the result of a long journey through difficult times—more of a prolonged drought than a flash flood. Clients who come to us may be angry, but they are almost always exhausted with fundamentally unhealthy relationships. The decision … more

10th Sep 2019

Semmes Law Firm - Divorce and Child Custody Attorney in Fairhope and Foley Alabama

During a divorce, the motive to ensure the future well being of those you love can commingle with the motive to deprive your spouse of undue rewards. There are no last-ditch ways to secretly take assets off of the negotiating … more

3rd Sep 2019

The less amicably your divorce is likely to proceed, the more important a trusting and accountable relationship with your attorney becomes. If you and your attorney are on the same page about priorities, strategies, and appropriate behavior—and you stick to … more

26th Aug 2019

Child Custo

Divorces are incredibly challenging in and of themselves. There’s the fear of the unknown, the difficulty of forging a new routine without your spouse, the financial burden of going from a two-income household to that of a single-earner. Multiply all … more

19th Apr 2019

Semmes Law Firm - Attorney in Fairhope and Foley Alabama

What exactly is a prenup? A prenuptial agreement, or prenup for short, is a financial agreement between the two people entering into the marriage. more

1st Jun 2015

At Semmes Law Firm, we are often asked about alimony by divorcing spouses.  The question typically comes in one of two forms: (1) Can I get alimony from my former spouse? or (2) Will I have to pay alimony to … more

2nd Apr 2015

Being awarded child support during a divorce, paternity, or other legal action is a victory, but sometimes that victory is short-lived.  As with all court orders, people don’t always comply.  When this happens, the parent entitled to receive support on … more

10th Mar 2015

We will look at the different types of divorce-related debts and see which are dischargeable, the effects of the different chapters (types) of bankruptcy on dischargability, exceptions to the basic rules, and how to protect the non-filing spouse both during … more

3rd Mar 2015

Today, Alabama is more often associated with family values and vacation days along the gulf than celebrity divorces.  But this hasn’t always been the case.  For 25 years, between 1945-1970, Alabama was a destination for celebrities, wealthy individuals, and anyone … more

30th Dec 2014

The Humane Society estimates that approximately 62% of households in the United States have at least one pet. And the relationship between pets and their owners is special.  In fact, the relationship is so special that airlines often allow those … more